Frumpy to Fabulous

**UPDATED: Final Photo!**
We've all seen the outdated ranch with the short, squatty windows, giant shutters (for the squatty windows), and the overall lack of pizzazz.  So, how can we bring this house from Frumpy... to Fabulous?!

First, we need to figure out what "style" best fits the house; or what style would complement it.... and there may be several possibilities!
For this house, I'm going to give it a bit of a craftsman "look".  That style works well with this house because of its simple shape and larger overhangs.  

First, I'm going to nix the squatty windows and replace them with more vertical, stylistically appropriate ones.  This isn't a very drastic structural change, because I can keep the existing window with; we will only need to make the windows taller.  If we changed the width, it would be a bit more invasive on the interior of the home.

I am going to also add some details under the overhangs for interest, improve the style of the garage doors, make "beefier" columns, and add a metal roof over the roof above the door to draw your attention more towards the entrance.  There might also be a picket fence to extend into the yard; visually encompassing the courtyard entry.

From there, I may even go a step further and evaluate different color options and window details within this new "look" I've developed.  The color options change based on the style of the house.

And the final "look"? ...

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I will occasionally select a photo from a reader to make...Fabulous!
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  1. So fun to see all the color schemes for this house! What a great way to update a ranch style house!