For Pool Lovers - Rockin' your Flip-Flops

While my fair-skinned complexion cringes at the thought of soaking up the sun at a pool, I do have some thoughts on how to improve the pools of my tanned-skin clients.

A few articles I plan on doing this summer will revolve around different examples of pool and pavilion design, relative to the homes they are built adjacent to.  I’d like to start today, however, with an introduction on the topic.

The biggest mistake that I typically see is a pool that is “plopped” on the site with no consideration to the house.  Patios are located relative to the pool and sun (hopefully!), but the furniture is not necessarily considered in the overall scheme.

A pool’s location should be dictated by two very important things; summer sun location and access.

“Well, obviously, sun location is important”, you say?  …It’s more than that, though.  It is important that both sun AND shade are considered very carefully; and where those two places will be accommodated at different times of the day.   

Access to the pool is important in connecting your outdoor AND indoor spaces together.  Doors and windows from the house should either give you a dramatic view of your outdoor spaces and pool or a subtle, leading pathway to that destination.  The visual connectivity of the pool to other outdoor spaces is important, too – possibly in the form of landscaping, a fence (which is required anyway), and different types of gateways.   

Do something fun with this - you can be endlessly creative here!

Let the architecture of the house inform the location, style, and connectivity of the pool.

…And please, provide a place for me and my freckles somewhere in the shade.  After all, that is my version of a tan.

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