For Pool Lovers – Rockin’ Your Flip-Flops -1-

For my first article in the “For Pool Lovers” Series (as I will call it), let’s talk about furniture and oudoor pavilions.  It is, in fact, that time of year again when everyone is getting ready to enjoy their outdoor living spaces.  Pfewwww… that was a long winter!

…Excuse me, is that seat taken?

The biggest request I get with outdoor pavilions this time of year is MORE SEATING, please!  This may take the form of a table and chairs for dining, a couch and chairs for lounging, or seating at a built-in bar.  That said, the space can quickly get really large if you don’t carefully consider maximizing every surface!

For those of you who want to incorporate an outdoor fireplace, why not make the hearth a tad deeper and even wrap it around the fireplace for extra seating – in a few directions? 

A table and chairs tend to take up a lot of space.  Well, if you don’t integrate the seating along the perimeter!  What about a built-in bench seat on one side, designed within the structure?  This can save about three to four feet, depending on the design. 

That said, not everyone needs or wants a covered pavilion.  However, if you do, it can come in a few different forms.  It can be a detached pavilion that is open on all sides or it can simply be attached to the house.  

You should ask yourself a few questions before determining the size, shape, and make-up of a structure like this: 
  • How many people should this space comfortably seat?
  • Do we intend to have sit-down dinners here or just casual lounge chairs?
  • Should the space be screened in?
  • How open do I want this space to be?
  • How connected should it be to the house?
  • How will the placement of this structure effect the sunlight in the adjacent spaces/yard?

Of course, the biggest questions being – what type of space will be the most useful for me and how can it best compliment my house and yard?

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