Small Tweaks; Big Results

This is the perfect example of making small "tweaks" and getting big results.

The size of this space never changed; we just gained more visual and functional space by changing the door location and plumbing fixtures.
The existing space was very awkwardly arranged.  A tiny sink was located right next to the walled-in tub.  This allowed for about an 18" walkway between.  Perfect?  Nope.  The bathroom just felt like a hallway more than a room.

The first thing we needed to do was create a larger vanity and room around the vanity.  In this bathroom, counter top space was more desirable than two sinks.

We also moved the door more towards the middle of the wall; freeing up the shorter sides of the room.  The door aligns with the window, bringing in valuable sunlight to the hallway.

A claw-foot tub was placed in this space to give the illusion of more room; anything that isn't truly built-in helps.  That's a big reason why the furniture style vanity works well also!

The wall behind the vanity was thickened to provide a built-in medicine cabinet and unique lighting niches.

Since this is an older home, every detail is modernized, but continues to be consistent with the character, quality, and style of the existing home.

...And on the ceiling?  A super cute star fixture!  A little detail that makes the room more bright and fun.

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