Maximizing Your Small Bathroom

Originally, this was a large, rectangular room without a bathroom.  The space was much to large and narrow for it to be very useful. 

The first question was, "Can we reorganize this space to still contain the same furniture, but also include a larger closet and a small bathroom?"


Believe it or not, the new bathroom is only about 3'6" wide!  We thickened the exterior wall to allow for a built-in medicine cabinet and shower niche.  We installed a pedestal sink to keep the space visually wide-open, however, this meant that storage would be an issue.  The floor to ceiling built-ins more than satisfy this need for storage. 

What you can't tell from the pictures, is that the built-ins are actually concealing a sloped floor (necessary for the stair below). 

The finishes are simple, clean, and elegant.  The subway tile is on every wall; floor to ceiling.  The grey grout between the tiles is the same color as the built-ins.  Larger, hexagonal marble tile was selected to maintain a more vintage style, but also to increase the scale a bit and modernize the "look".

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