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I am so honored to have been featured in Premium Hardware's "Designer Spotlight". This company has gorgeous hardware and is a true asset to have right here in Columbus!  Click this link to check it out: Designer Spotlight / Premium Hardware.

Future 'Trends'

I was recently asked by Jim Weiker of the Columbus Dispatch to comment on the question, "What do you think will be the most significant home design trend in the next 10 years".  Several designers and Architects, including myself, were included on the piece he wrote.  

Just in case you'd like to hear more on the subject, the following is my commentary in its entirety. 
The trend in the future is “not to be trendy, but instead, to have the confidence to be more of an individualist”.  Sites like Houzz and Pinterest are making architecture and design ideas so much more accessible; everyone is a lot less afraid to do what they want in their homes.

Actually, I do see a trend in that my clients seem to be willing to be creative and unique in expressing themselves in both their home’s design and décor; they are less interested in what “The Jones’” are doing or what the next owner might want.  They are becoming braver to follow their instincts; designing for themselves.
A lot of my clients are stepping away from the “vanilla choice”, in general; they are excited about doing something more fun, creative, and representative of who they are and how they live.  

Maximizing Your Small Bathroom

Originally, this was a large, rectangular room without a bathroom.  The space was much to large and narrow for it to be very useful. 

The first question was, "Can we reorganize this space to still contain the same furniture, but also include a larger closet and a small bathroom?"


Small Tweaks; Big Results

This is the perfect example of making small "tweaks" and getting big results.

The size of this space never changed; we just gained more visual and functional space by changing the door location and plumbing fixtures.
The existing space was very awkwardly arranged.  A tiny sink was located right next to the walled-in tub.  This allowed for about an 18" walkway between.  Perfect?  Nope.  The bathroom just felt like a hallway more than a room.

For Pool Lovers – Rockin’ Your Flip-Flops -2-

For my second article in the “For Pool Lovers” Series, one of the first things you need to decide is how prevalent you want the pool to be relative to your main living spaces. 

A few questions you might want to ask yourself are: 
  1. How often will we really use the pool? (Mostly based on your climate)
  2. How many months of the year will the pool potentially be ‘unsightly’ due to weather?
  3. Will we entertain at the pool and the house or should these be somewhat separate from each other?
  4. Do we need a separate pool house and/or covered porch?
  5. …and particularly, what sort of shape and style of pool fits my house and my needs?
The house above, for instance, was specifically designed around the sun and providing shade in a screen porch attached to the house.  Immediately as you enter the home, you are visually “drawn outside” through large patio doors to the pool.  The living spaces of this home are intended to connect as much as possible to the pool.

The Jamee Parish Website is up and Running!

I am proud to announce that my "official" website is up and running! 

Please check it out at  Special thanks to RTA Studio for allowing me to use several of the projects on my site.

Have a great day!

For Pool Lovers – Rockin’ Your Flip-Flops -1-

For my first article in the “For Pool Lovers” Series (as I will call it), let’s talk about furniture and oudoor pavilions.  It is, in fact, that time of year again when everyone is getting ready to enjoy their outdoor living spaces.  Pfewwww… that was a long winter!

…Excuse me, is that seat taken?

The biggest request I get with outdoor pavilions this time of year is MORE SEATING, please!  This may take the form of a table and chairs for dining, a couch and chairs for lounging, or seating at a built-in bar.  That said, the space can quickly get really large if you don’t carefully consider maximizing every surface!

For those of you who want to incorporate an outdoor fireplace, why not make the hearth a tad deeper and even wrap it around the fireplace for extra seating – in a few directions? 

For Pool Lovers - Rockin' your Flip-Flops

While my fair-skinned complexion cringes at the thought of soaking up the sun at a pool, I do have some thoughts on how to improve the pools of my tanned-skin clients.

A few articles I plan on doing this summer will revolve around different examples of pool and pavilion design, relative to the homes they are built adjacent to.  I’d like to start today, however, with an introduction on the topic.

The biggest mistake that I typically see is a pool that is “plopped” on the site with no consideration to the house.  Patios are located relative to the pool and sun (hopefully!), but the furniture is not necessarily considered in the overall scheme.

Architect...Back in Some New Heels

For those of you who don't know, I had my second child in November of this year.  She is a beautiful little girl and I have loved every moment with her. 

So, after being gone for a while in my comfy shoes, I am back in my heels and will hopefully have some interesting new posts for you soon! 

Along with this, I am excited to announce another huge adventure of mine - Jamee Parish Architects, LLC.  While I absolutely loved working for Rich Taylor at RTA Studio, it was time for me to go out on my own.  I have an immeasurable amount of appreciation and respect for him and all that he's taught me.

So, stay tuned... I promise to have some new posts sometime soon!

Architect in...Flats

You may be wondering why you haven't received any new articles from me lately.  We are currently expecting our second baby, so I've been a little preoccupied!

...Hence, why I am wearing flats instead of heels...

Please stay tuned, though - I plan to have some fun new articles after we are settled in with the new little one!